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Welcome to my web page.

My first introduction to art was in kindergarten when the teacher told us to draw a picture of our family and I drew a couch. When she asked me about my family I informed her that my father was fishing, my mother was in the kitchen cooking and I was out playing. I got an "A".

That was my first and last "A" in art, however, I discovered a camera and thus began a passion for photography. Sometimes I think I "see" through the viewfinder on the camera even when I am not photographing. I visualize how scenes would appear and consider the lighting, composition, etc. The transition to digital photography has provided the instant gratification of seeing the images you have captured without having to wait for film to be processed.

Retirement has allowed me the opportunity to spend more time on my photography and I have been fortunate to be able to travel both in the United States, Mexico and Europe and have taken captures of my trips every step of the way. My favorite images were taken in Italy where the spectacular vistas literally took my breath away.

As a native Californian and living in San Diego, there are always many opportunities to photograph.

When I am not out with my camera you can find me at my computer working in Photoshop. I also enjoy walking on the beach and spending time with family and friends. I am constantly researching new and unique techniques to capture and present my photography.

I am active in several photography groups including the Digital Art Guild, San Diego Photoshop Users Group Poly Photo and the Pacific Photographic Society.

Several of my photographs have been exhibited at the San Diego County Fair and I received the Margaret Frye Perpetual trophy and an Honorable Mention.

Note Cards 4 1/2 x 5 13/16, with envelopes for $3.25 ea. or 5 for $15.00

Greeting cards 5 x 7 with envelopes for $3.75 or 2 for $7.00
will fit into standard 5 x 7 frame

5 x 7 prints matted to 8 x 10 $15
8.5 x 11 prints matted to 11 x14 $35
11 x 14 prints $45
11 x 14 prints matted to 16 x 20 $60

You can e mail me at
or call (619) 691-1419

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